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Tuesday, 15 April, 2014

PM Habumuremyi calls for concerted efforts to arrest Genocide fugitives

The Prime Minister, Pierre Damien Habumuremyi has called upon law enforcement agencies and the international community to strengthen cooperation to apprehend genocide fugitives roaming in some countries and to fight impunity.

The Prime Minister made the call on April 14 while officially opening the 6th Interpol Expert meeting on Genocide, War Crimes and crimes against humanity.

The three-day meeting bringing together experts from 41 Interpol member countries is held under the theme “Closing the impunity gap,” the first of its kind to be held in a country that experienced genocide.

“Our region and other parts of the world are engulfed by crimes, whose perpetuators continue to escape justice. This meeting is a good opportunity to appeal to peace loving people world over to enhance efforts in bringing to justice perpetuators of genocide, war crimes and against humanity, wherever they are,” the Prime Minister, who represented President Paul Kagame, stated.

He said genocide fugitives not only evade justice but they also cause serious threat to public safety worldwide by continuing to finance other criminal activities.

PM Habumuremyi noted that the meeting is timely as the country is commemorating the 20th anniversary of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and commended the role played by the international Police body on bringing genocide fugitives to justice.

“Rwanda, with its dark experience of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, believes that there shouldn’t be impunity for genocide perpetuators and crimes against humanity. This is why Rwanda is contributing to the international peace support operations with a big number of military and police in the fight against genocide and other forms of injustice,” he noted.

He urged participants to come up with strong recommendations to improve global response to impunity.

The Inspector General of Police, Emmanuel K. Gasana said majority of the perpetuators still move freely in some countries with impunity.

The IGP said law enforcers are facing challenges of identifying, locating and apprehending genocide fugitives partly because some of them change identity, others “seek asylum in sympathetic or uncooperative countries.”

“We still have many fugitives wanted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and many more than 200 red notices issued by the National Central Bureau-Kigali still pending,” he said.

Interpol in conjunction with the RNP, prosecution and ICTR, in 2004, created the Rwanda fugitive project to bring to justice genocide fugitives.

He also thanked Interpol for the training and equipment extended to capacitate RNP in its activities.

“Rwanda remains committed to Interpol mission of connecting police for a safer world, a reason why it has offered to host the Interpol General Assembly, next year, the fourth conference of its kind to ever happen in Africa in one hundred years since Interpol was created.”

Mireilla Ballestrazi, the President of Interpol said no single government or police institution can end impunity alone and echoed the need to cooperate to ensure that justice is served.

She thanked the RNP for extending the I-24/7 Interpol communication tool to all border posts.

The tool connects all Interpol member countries to identify, locate and apprehend fugitives.

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