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Sunday, 26 March, 2017

Rwamagana: DPC cautions against ‘self-administered justice’

The District Police Commander of Rwamagana, Supt. Edward Kiiza has appealed to residents to seek justice from authorized entities rather than taking the matter in their own hands, which is ‘criminal.’

While speaking to about 1500 residents in Musha Sector recently, the DPC reminded them that “no one is above the law” adding that a crime is handled by authorized institutions to ensure that justice is served.”

The meeting was also attended by the vice mayor of Rwamagana in charge of Social Affairs, Jean Umutoni.

While reflecting on the recent case in Rwamagana where people seriously assaulted a suspected thief apparently accusing him of stealing chicken, Supt. Kiiza called it criminal to which everyone who had a hand and took matter in their own hands will be held accountable.

 “Being within the limits of the law means that even when you are wronged, you have no right to take matters in your own hands to administer self justice; this is the duty of judicial institutions,” he emphasized.

He cited articles 148 and 151 of the Rwandan penal code, on assault that causes bodily injuries or death, which also applies to those who take matters in their own hands, specifying a life imprisonment in case death.

The DPC further urged the residents to strengthen community policing efforts especially against crimes like drug trafficking and abuse, domestic and gender based violence, child abuse, and corruption.

“When you witness or suspect anything unlawful, just call the police,” the DPC said.

The vice mayor, on her part, said that corruption and bribery kills service delivery, and urged them to stand up against such malpractices and report leaders, who “sale you free services or over-charge you for a service.” 

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