KARONGI: Police, Mashirika conduct campaign on child protection

On Wednesday, Police in Karongi District and Mashirika troupe conducted a campaign in Rubengera Sector to raise awareness on child rights and to fight against child abuse and child labour.

The campaign was conducted under the theme: “Together against violence faced by children and the youth.”

The campaign was characterized by drama on domestic violence and abuses children face and role of community policing and real time information sharing in addressing the problem.

While addressing the residents, Héritier Udatsikira, Gender Monitoring Officer and head of Mashirika in Karongi, urged them to be the voice against abuses women, girls and children face.

He observed that for child abuse, child labour and domestic violence to be effectively addressed, it requires individual and collective responsibility to report such abuses in their communities.

Udatsikira further appealed to them to support Police and national efforts in addressing these vices, which she said affect family and youth development.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Aimable Rutayisire, the District Political and Civic Education Officer (DPCEO) for Karongi, said that domestic violence is among the leading cause for children to drop out of school and at times abandon their homes.

He added that conflicts between parents and lack of parental guidance leaves children to do what they think is right, leading to child pregnancy, child labour and indulging in drug related crimes.
“Some men come home drunk or after consuming illicit brew and start battering their spouses and at times their children, other conflicts are related to property,” AIP Rutayisire said.

“We urge you not to take matters in your own hands; if you have any grievances there are law enforcement agencies, local leaders and the justice system to address them.”

He also urged them to watch over one another, share information on people, who abuse children or use them in child labour activities as well as drug dealers.

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