CORONAVIRUS: Three arrested for violating gov't directives

Three people were arrested on Tuesday in Ngororero District after they tried to hold a traditional wedding, gathered family and friends to drink alcoholic beverages, which was against the government directives meant to fight and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Jean Damascene Rimenyande, 36, intended to formally introduce her wife in the usual traditional ceremony called Gusaba and his two accomplices identified Vestine Nyirambazahe and Olive Mukanoheri were at the centre of preparations. 

The suspects are residents of Kajinge Cell in Hindiro Sector.

Chief Insepector of Police (CIP) Bonaventure Twizere Karekezi, the Police spokesperson for the Western region, said that Rimenyande was supposed to go for Gusaba on March 27, but the latter's parents called off the event in respect of the government directives. 

"Rimenyande had insisted on continuing with the ceremony contrary to government and local leaders' directives. When his father in-laws cancelled the event, he decided to gather friends and family at his home everyday to drink," said CIP Karekezi. 

According to the spokesperson, from March 27th to 29th, many people from Rimenyande's community as well as friends and family members would gather at his home to consume alcohol which he had prepared to take for the introduction ceremony. 

Rimenyande had previously turned violent when local leaders tried to stop him from the prohibited acts, which prompted them to call the Police. 

"When Police arrived at Rimenyande's home, they found people drinking, but managed to arrest the three prime suspects, who have been handed over to RIB. Others run away on seeing security organs."

The government directives prohibits, among others, social gatherings including weddings and drinking as well as visits in an effort to contain Coronavirus pandemic. 

Police calls upon the general public to adhere to all directives and to share information on anyone that disregards and violates them, thus hampering national efforts to fight and prevent spread of the virus.

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