[PHOTOS]: COVID-19: RNP using drones to educate public on preventive measures

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has added drones to other existing methods to raise awareness against the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The drones spread the information in neighbourhoods to educate the public about the prevention of the deadly virus.

The force has been using public communication system where vehicles drive through streets, markets and residential areas as well as use of media and social platforms, to spread the message on government directives and health practices adapted to prevent new infections and spread of the pandemic. 

"Drones are coming to supplement all these other means. Enforcement becomes easy when people understand the message. We believe that informed people become responsive and make informed decisions," said RNP spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera. 

"As these drones pass in your neighborhoods, we ask you listen carefully and heed to the message."

"Don’t leave your home to view the drones; don’t gather in large groups where drones are delivering the messages. Stay home, protect your life, your family and others. Staying home, avoiding gatherings and observing social distancing contribute to saving lives and facilitating national efforts against the pandemic."

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