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Monday, 04 September, 2017


Nyiransabimana Therese speaks during the event.

RNP’s donated Solar Power systems contribute to public safety

Between May and June this year, Rwanda National Police (RNP) donated free Solar Power system to close to 3400 households - mainly those in remote areas in different parts of the country.

Among the beneficiaries are residents of Gatare Village in Nyakariro Sector in Rwamagana District. Four months down the road, residents of Gatare village speak highly of the impact from the solar power connectivity.

In Gatare Village, RNP donated solar power systems to 108 households.

Speaking at town-hall meeting that attracted about 2,000 residents, Concilia Kabarinda  whose home was among those connected and was also given a cow, said the Rwanda National Police has made her dreams come true.

The 57 year old widow, a mother of two children, said she’s no longer categorized in the class of the poor. Read more

Scam Watch – Tricks fraudsters may use to dupe you

Conmen have been around for centuries and they continue to exist today, all over the world, with more options than ever before to trick unsuspecting victims in the digital age.

According to Rwanda National Police (RNP) some local fraudsters employ varied unscrupulous means defraud unsuspecting people and among the major scams that have been recorded in the recent past involves overcharging, deceiving or coercing a person into paying for a service they don't want, and outright theft.

In 2016, cases of con and deceit were ranked the 8th among the common cases reported and since January 2017 to June, same cases were standing at the sixth position.

“We urge the public to always be conscious about people who may want to offer them services or sell them something awkward or strange at a very cheap price. There are higher chances that such people are attempting to con you,” said the Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police Theos Badege. 

A case in point is when people enter a commuter taxi and start duping passengers into giving them their belonging pretending to be helping them to keep their belongings safe from thieves. Read more 

RNP clarifies claims of harassment by journalists

On Friday, four journalists claimed they were harassed by members of the Republican Guard as they tried to locate and access the residence of the Rwigara family in the Kiyovu neighbourhood in Kigali, in an area that is ordinarily patrolled by the Republican Guard as it is in the proximity of the State House

RNP Spokesperson ACP Theos Badege, said: “Officers became suspicious of the movements of the individuals, approached and identified themselves, leading to a verbal confrontation.  This was clearly a case of mistaken identity and miscommunication. There should not have been misunderstanding as both the officers and the journalists were legally carrying out their respective duties.” Read more

Family conflicts: Police urges on peaceful resolutions 

The Northern Region Police Commander, Chief Supt. Eugene Kabasha, urged residents there to endeavor to resolve family misunderstandings amicably or seek local leadership interventions instead of resorting to violence or otherwise taking the law into their hands. 

He noted that unlawful resolution of conflicts is counterproductive warning of legal repercussion against anyone, who administers own justice. 

The RPC was speaking in Cyanika Sector of Burera District, where he addressed hundreds of residents from the area during a community policing meeting to address security issues. 

He warned that police cannot be tolerant to any form of domestic violence and that there won't be any lenience to any illegal acts such as drug trafficking and abuse. Read More

Karongi: Police calls for strengthened partnership against illicit brew

As part of the ongoing efforts to fight distillation, sell, and use of illicit drinks in Karongi District, police conducted an operation through which at least 1300 litres of the psychotropic substances were seized. 

The drinks, which are classified as narcotic drugs under the Ministerial Order determining unauthorized drinks and other controlled substances, were also disposed of in presence of hundreds of residents.

Police appealed to residents to report people involved in such unlawful acts, urging them to exercise their community policing rights. 

Fighting drug related crimes is among the key priorities of Rwanda National Police (RNP). Read More 

Ngoma: Man arrested with counterfeit currency notes

Investigations into people alleged to be involved in either counterfeiting currencies or distributing them led to the arrest of one Elias Mbagariye, 27, in Ngoma District.

Mbagariye was at the time of his arrest found in possession of fake currency notes amounting to Rwf102, 000, Inspector of Police (IP) Jean Bosco Dusabe, the Eastern Region Police Spokesperson, said.

“He was at the time trying to hide the fake monies in a banana plantation when he was spotted by police and residents,” the spokesperson said. Read more 

Rwigara family under investigations

Rwanda National Police (RNP) confirmed that no member of the Rwigara family has been arrested.

RNP spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Theos Badege, confirmed that police officers searched the home of the Rwigaras as part of preliminary investigations into crimes of tax evasion and forgery.

“Reports that they were arrested are untrue and misleading. Police is investigating two cases; one is related to forgery and another is on tax evasion. The search was in that line,” ACP Badege said. Read more

RNP hands over DRC policeman who illegally entered Rwanda

Rwanda National Police handed over the arrested DRC policeman, who had illegally crossed into Rwanda.

“Upon arrest, Ndosa claimed he had a mental disability and we immediately checked him in the hospital; medical reports came out indicating that he was in good health and had no mental disability as he claimed,” said Rwanda National Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Theos Badege.

The handover was under the arrangement made by International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR)’s Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism (EJVM). Read more 

Rubavu: Four cooperative officials arrested over embezzlement

Four heads of KOADU Dukundumurimo, a cooperative that runs abattoirs in Gisenyi town of Rubavu District were arrested in connection with embezzling over Rwf29 million.

The arrest was part of the police response and investigations into an audit conducted by Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA), which indicates that over Rwf29 million cooperative funds was unaccounted for, according to Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald Kanamugire, the Police spokesperson for the Western region. Read more 

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