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Wednesday, 15 November, 2017

Your life is your wealth

While motorcycle may be a fast and efficient mode of transportation for even most-hard-to-reach areas, it also remains one of the major causes of fatal accidents.

On November 14, Police in Nyamagabe District reached out to commercial motorcyclists and reminded them to respect traffic rules and regulations to save lives.

The meeting brought together about 100 motorcyclists from three cooperatives; COTAMONYA, COTRANYA and COMONYA.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Alexis Muyoboke warned them against their reckless actions including life threatening maneuvers. He also said that others have no driver’s license

He urged members to exercises collective and individual accountability aimed at inculcating the culture of respect of rules while also reporting and taking internal drastic action against errant members

“You should also be accountable to each other through your cooperatives and ensure that every member adheres to the rules and regulations of good road usage,” he said

AIP Muyoboke noted that, some motorcyclists adamantly refuse to wear their reflector jackets and helmets.

“Fighting these misconducts should be part of the cooperatives responsibilities,” he added.

He noted that motorcyclists are among most and common traffic offenders and do not stop whenever they are stopped by the traffic police.

“The impact of a serious injury can prove catastrophic for riders and your families, your life is your wealth,” he said.

RNP continuously reaches out to commercial motorcyclists with messages on community safety.

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