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Thursday, 07 December, 2017

Anti-corruption drive goes to Nyamasheke

Nyamasheke district authorities together with Rwanda National Police (RNP) yesterday held an anti-corruption awareness campaign that mainly focused on enhance prevention and reporting graft cases.

The campaign that was held in Mushikiri Sector and attended by over 1,000 residents was commenced with a procession that saw residents, police officers and local leaders covering a 6km-long walk.

In his address to the residents, the Executive Secretary of Nyamasheke District Ephraim Kayumba, briefed residents on different forms of corruption, and further explained that, graft related crimes have diverse negative effects on the country’s economic progress, good governance and service delivery.

He challenged residents to take a courageous step against corruption by reporting anyone suspected to be involved in corruption as means of ensuring that such people are brought to book.

“Rwanda can be free from corruption when residents realize and understand the negative effects of bribery and take some courageous steps to report anyone suspected to be involved,” said Kayumba.

The Nyamashake District Police Commander (DPC) Superintendent of Police (SP) Ntacyo Burahinda, also told residents that corruption RNP like other institutions in concerned when it comes to fighting corruption.

He further advised residents to avoid anything that may lure them into giving bribes for whatever reason.

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