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Tuesday, 13 February, 2018

Rulindo: Police use sports in advancing community policing philosophy

In line with ensuring that different categories of people in the community take part in security-related initiatives, Police in Rulindo embarked on using sports to advance the community policing as well as raise awareness against crimes.

Latest of such activities happened on Sunday where officers attached to Rulindo District Police Unit played a friendly football match with commercial motorcyclists operating in Base and Bushoki sectors. Rulindo DPU won the match with 3-1 final scores.

The community policing match also brought together hundreds of residents from the two sectors. Police used the platform to tutor them on how safe to use roads and crime prevention.

The District Police Commander (DPC) of Rulindo, Senior Supt. of Police (SSP) Jean Bosco Rudasingwa, while addressing motorcyclists and residents shortly after the football match, said that the relations between the police and motorcyclists continue to reap high results in safety and security.

He, however, urged them to enhance their role in community policing activities to even take it shift from fighting to prevention.

“Some drug traffickers use commercial motorcyclists to transport the narcotics from one place to another, this is why you should always be conscious about your clients and whenever you suspect someone alert the police immediately,” the DPC told motorcyclists.

He further urged them to also abide by traffic rules and regulations as means of avoiding accidents and loss of lives arising from reckless use of road.

“You are expected to use the road to the required standard bearing in mind that there are other people using the same public infrastructure. It is also in your own safety to respect traffic rules and regulations because you wake up going to work to support your families but not to die,” said SSP Rudasingwa.

With recklessness and bad maneuvers by commercial motorcyclists being among the major causes of road accidents and a number of the taxi-moto operators arrested for either aiding or conducting criminal and illegal activities, such awareness' are valued to engage this group of transporters to be an eye for their colleagues and be active in community policing activities including reporting wrongdoers.

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