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Monday, 19 February, 2018

IGP Gasana urges Karongi, Rusizi motorcyclists to ‘put safety first’

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana has called upon commercial motorcyclists in Karongi and Rusizi districts to put their lives ahead in their transport business to avoid accidents that arise out of their reckless behaviors on road.

The Police Chief made the call, yesterday, while addressing motorcyclists from the two Western districts as part of the ongoing campaign against accidents especially caused or involving motorcyclists.

He thanked them for their cooperation and collaboration with the Police in fighting and preventing crimes, and for being part of the country’s development but urged them to all operate in cooperatives and ensure hygiene.

The Police Chief, however, said that the carelessness on the road by some of their members continue to cost people’s lives and creating a security and development hitch.

Motorcyclists constitute the majority involved or cause accidents, accounting for 18.5 percent total accidents registered last year and 30 percent registered this January.

“If you don’t have a transport authorization license, driver’s license, motorcycle insurance and the motorcycle logbook; then you are not eligible to be riding a motorcycle and you will be breaking road safety standards,” IGP Gasana told the motorcyclists.

“When you violate traffic rules you are not only putting your lives in danger; that passenger you are transporting and other people using the road are also at risk of your recklessness. Having documents is not enough; avoid speeding, bad maneuvers and violating road safety signposts,” IGP Gasana said.

Aaron Ndagijimana, the director in charge of transport in RURA acknowledged that they are aware of the challenges motorcyclists are facing, but added that they are working with other institutions to solve them.

One of the issues that motorcyclists were facing include the acquisition of a transport authorisation license offered by RURA, and only cooperatives were eligible to acquire them on behalf of their members, and would take long.

Under the new arrangement, every motorcyclist can apply for the operational license individually.

The meeting was also attended by local leaders, among others.

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