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Wednesday, 18 April, 2018

[PHOTOS]: RIB goes operational

Rwanda National Police (RNP) yesterday officially handed over criminal investigations responsibilities to Rwanda Investigations Bureau (RIB) – a body formed recently and tasked by law to handle the functions. 

The handover also marks full commencement of RIB ending the one year transitional period ahead of April 20, deadline.

463 police officers formerly working under CID were also transferred to RIB where they will work as agents of detectives of the bureau.

The handover and take over event held at RNP headquarters was presided over by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General Johnston Busingye who said that the establishment of RIB is part of the historic and continuous fundamental changes introduced from a journey that began on October 1990 especially in the aspects of rule of law marking the beginning of Rwanda’s liberation process a journey he said was to transform Rwanda.

“The handover of responsibilities that happened today eases the work of all parties in the justice sector and improve professionalism and efficiency…This is a new step in Rwanda pursuit to ensure rule of law, justice and safety of the citizens,” Min Busingye said.

Min Busingye pointed out that; “I want to thank the great work done by RNP in effective execution duties taken over, ensuring safety of Rwandans and their property. RNP has contributed to the growth of our country and the formation of RIB is proof to that.”

The Minister narrated the historical events that led to the establishment of RNP and institutions that preceded it and said that RIB has been created from RNP to improve effectiveness, professionalism and efficiency in countering emerging and potential security threats

He said Rwanda is ready to counteract contemporary and emerging crimes such as, Drug and Human Trafficking, Cybercrimes, Terrorism economic and cross-border crimes that need high-tech security personnel and sophisticated investigations.

“However, this (RIB) doesn’t take away the responsibilities of every stakeholder in ensuring safety, law and order. This should complement the work on all parties in the justice sector and improve professionalism and efficiency,” the minister noted.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana commended former CID officers transferred to RIB for the dedication and commitment during the eighteen year period police held criminal investigation responsibilities and other functions to protect citizens and their belongings—calling for more professionalism in service.

He also noted that CID targeted to fully investigate about 20,000 dossiers every year.

“There are a number of emerging crimes which need professional and committed officers.  In security regime it is said that any space unoccupied can be occupied by the enemy… and we cannot take chances. RIB will improve our capacity in addressing such crimes,” IGP Gasana said.

He hailed the strategic vision of the country by introducing continuous reforms to improve the rule of law

RIB’s Secretary General Col Ruhunga commended Police for the efforts invested in building the judicial police that has contributed to effective justice system, saying that it laid a firm foundation his agency will base on to build a strong investigation bureau.

“RIB will be dedicated to tackling high impact, technological and economical crimes such as cybercrime, human and drug trafficking, sexual and gender violence  so we can better protect citizens” said Col  Ruhunga,

 “Our job is to foster human rights and rule of law. RIB is a new body but its staff is not new to their responsibilities because they have been serving in relatively similar capacities. We will base on that firm foundation to build a more professional and efficiency in investigating crimes,” Ruhunga said.


He urged the police officers transferred into RIB to ensure timely response to crimes, and ensure than justice is not delayed.

“The government is committed to give us all the support needed to succeed. But without discipline we will not achieve our objectives. In this kind of work, discipline is pillar to our success,”Col Ruhunga added.

Isabelle Kalihangabo, RIB’s Deputy SG unveiled new brand identities for RIB including a new logo, a website and contact telephone lines.

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