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Saturday, 26 May, 2018

[PHOTOS]: Police takes road safety campaign on highways

DIGP Juvenal Marizamunda speaking to truck drivers in Rugende.

The road safety campaign week continued, yesterday, on all highways countrywide as Police officers engaged drivers and their passengers on traffic rules and regulations to ensure behavior change and promote road safety.

In the City of Kigali, officers educated passengers, drivers and motorcyclists on all highways leading to the capital.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in charge of Administration and Personnel, Juvenal Marizamunda, while addressing passengers and drivers in Rugende along Kigali-Rwamagana highway, said that all road users are have the right to be safe on the road and to arrive to their respective destinations safe, which calls for everyone’s responsibility to ensure that safety standards are observed.

“If your driver is drunk or using a phone while driving, you have a right stop the vehicle and get out, and report that vehicle by calling the police on 112 and 113; your safety should come first,” DIGP Marizamunda told the passengers.

Commissioner for traffic and road safety, CP Rafiki Mujiji alongside ACP Lynder Nkuranga sensitising passengers on Kigali-Musanze highway on traffic rules and regulations.

He added: “When you report deadly behaviours of drivers, you are not only enforcing road safety standards but you are also saving other lives, protecting the property destroyed during accidents, and protecting the environment."

He urged drivers to value their lives and those of people they're transporting by regulating their speed, avoiding overtaking in sharp corners or hotspots, using a phone and driving under stress or while drunk.

"You have families or people that depend on you, so are those people you transport. Also, remember that there are other people using the road; pedestrians, other vehicles, motorcyclists and cyclists, and everyone has to use the road safely respecting each other.”

Statistics indicate that fatalities caused by public services vehicles and trucks reduced to 40 per cent and 23 percent, respectively, in the last four months compared to the same period last year.

ACP Damas Gatare interacting with motorcyclists on road safety standards.

About 38 percent of all fatalities registered in the same period were either caused or involved motorcyclists. Accidents also caused or involving motorcyclists increased by 15 per cent.

The Deputy Police Chief, however, reminded passengers of their behaviours like littering roads through car windows, which can also cause accidents and an act of environmental degradation.

One of the drivers, Saleh Sibomana, in an interview said that "being a driver is a job that should be given value like any other."

"Both the person in an office and the driver wake up in the morning going to work because they both have goals; we both have families to support, children in school. When I lose my job my family gets affected, the same goes to when you get an accident or die. So, we have to respect the ethics and standards of the job," Sibomana said.

He believes that enforcement of the speed governor policy and continuous training of drivers on road safety standards in their respective travel agencies will also go a long way to prevent fatalities.

A police officer speaking to cyclists on road safety.

Similar road safety sensitizations were also conducted along Kigali-Musanze, Kigali-Bugesera and Kigali-Gatuna highways where senior police officers educated passengers on their rights while on road, and the overall traffic rules and regulations.

The awareness also involved putting stickers on cars and motorcycles and giving passengers fliers containing road safety messages.

The campaign continues this Saturday where road safety messages will also be delivered during Umuganda, across the country.

The road safety week is part of the ongoing Police Week community development and crime prevention activities to mark the Rwanda National Police 18th anniversary.

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