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Thursday, 21 June, 2018

[PHOTOS]: Police High Council launch five-year crime reduction strategy

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Johnston Busingye addressing the Police High Council at the RNP General Headquarters in Kacyiru.

The Police High Council, the supreme organ of Rwanda National Police (RNP) which convene quarterly, yesterday, launched a five-year crime reduction strategy, a campaign aimed at ensuring sustainable safety and security.

The campaign will be conducted under the theme: “Enhancing Safety and Security.”

During the next five years, efforts will be put on enhancing community awareness campaigns, joint operations against high impact crime, timely information flow, reducing youth delinquency, preventing injustices and promoting road safety, among others.

The strategy is derived from the RNP constitutional mandate, legal instruments establishing the force, its five-year strategic plan and guidance by His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda where he stressed while addressing police officers that "Rwandans must be able to take their security and safety for granted and Rwanda National Police is one of those important institutions to ensure that is the case.”


Ultimately, the strategy intends to make Rwandans law abiding citizens, ensure rule of law, safety and security.

The implementation that mainly reels on the philosophy of community policing, involves various public and private players. Key among them are the ministries of Local Government, Defense, Gender and Family Promotion, Infrastructure as well as sister security institutions and all those under the justice sector, among others.

While addressing the Police High Council at the RNP General Headquarters in Kacyiru, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Johnston Busingye said that the campaign will "cement the ideal of crime prevention as the only choice and responsibility for every Rwandan."

“Committing a criminal is a bad choice that has far reaching to security, law and order, health and the overall social wellbeing of the people. All these will be at the centre stage of this campaign,” Minister Busingye said.


He called for "strengthened partnership and commitment" among all stakeholders to effectively and efficiently achieve the objective of the campaign towards sustainable security and development.

Minister Busingye, who thanked President Paul Kagame for his guidance and able leadership, commended the significant policing achievements registered over the last 18 years of RNP.

“Rwanda National Police has from its inception in 2000 registered policing strides in crime reduction and prevention, gaining confidence and trust among the people, strengthening partnership with various stakeholders, improving road safety, and fostering capacity and capability of the force; these are among many achievements that we will build on to make this strategy a reality in the next five years,” Minister Busingye said.

“The fact that the entire world is currently facing security challenges that are becoming sophisticated in nature largely due technological advancement, this should challenge us to always review and advance our strategies to keep up with the policing demands," Minister Busingye said.


He further reminded the force to always strive to undertake its policing tasks in accordance with the law and to ensure that interests of public are promoted.

On his part, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana said that despite the policing milestone, there are still challenges ahead to confront and that the force priorities and strategies laid are meant to address them.

He highlighted building capacity and capabilities of the force, intelligence-led operations, quality service delivery, partnership in policing, media strategy, force welfare and force discipline as key priorities that RNP will keep building on to address the challenges and to achieve sustainable peace and security.

The Council took a number of resolutions among which is to refocus the training curriculum in accordance with new RNP mission following the recent reforms  that saw the establishment of Rwanda Investigation Bureau and the Rwanda Forensic Laboratory.

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