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Sunday, 26 August, 2018

[PHOTOS]: Youths body reminded of its role in crime prevention and security

Top government officials have called upon members of the Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Community Policing (RYVCP) to adopt a greater spirit of volunteerism in crime prevention, and all activities aimed at improving the welfare of citizens in their communities.

This was during a one-day retreat held at the Rwanda National Police Headquarters in Kacyiru yesterday, Sunday 26 August.

The retreat brought together 120 representatives of the RYVCP from across the country.

Gracing the retreat were top government officials including Local Government Minister Francis Kaboneka, Minister of Youth Rosemary Mbabazi, Sports and Culture Minister Julienne Uwacu, Inspector General of Police Emmanuel K. Gasana, and Eduard Bamporiki the Director General of the National Itorero Commission.

Addressing the gathered youths, Minister Francis Kaboneka commended them for their continued contributions to security, and their role in making their communities much safer.

“The government recognizes your efforts, and that your activities have made more impact in communities,” Kaboneka told them. He said this was despite the little resources at their disposal.

“You have done a lot with the few resources you have,” the minister lauded them. “However”, he added, “We must all agree that the primary and greatest resource is willingness to help those in need, and you have proved that with your acts.” He challenged the youth to maintain this spirit.

He further urged them to conduct regular awareness campaigns with a view to mobilize the citizenry, particularly the youth against abuse of substances and to also encourage them to take more active part in all government development programs.

On her part, Rosemary Mbabazi, the Minister of Youth challenged the young stars to maintain the spirit of volunteerism, and embark on hard work. “It is through the efforts of Rwandans, particularly the youth that we could build the Rwanda all Rwandans deserve,” she remarked.

“You have done a commendable job, however it is central that you also reach out to your peers in communities and make them take part in your noble cause; this is one of the appropriate way to achieve more desired and set goals,” Min Mbabazi observed.

Sports and Culture Minister Julienne Uwacu challenged the youths to safeguard their Rwandan culture. “Rwanda has its owned defined culture; it is a responsibility of us all, especially you the young to protect it,” said the minister.

She further appealed to the youths to embrace all the country’s values including patriotism, hard work, love for country, national unity, and discipline.

IGP Gasana commended the members of RYVCP’s partnership with security organs in areas of crime prevention and awareness campaigns, which he said have largely facilitated Police to prevent criminal activities and made possible arrests of suspected criminals.

The one-day retreat resolved that some members of the youths body would undergo a training in the National Itorero, an activity that will be conducted in the near future in partnership with the Ministry of Local Government and the National Itorero Commission.

Currently RYVCP has 250,000 members who work from different places of the country, and the ultimate objective is to register one million members by the end of 2020.

From across the country, members of the body undertake varied security activities, as well as donating livestock, health premiums (Mutuelle de Sante), constructing houses for the poorest (and amenities like toilets) to the most disadvantaged people in communities. That is on top of working on feeder roads that link villages.

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