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Tuesday, 20 November, 2018

[PHOTOS]: Road Safety Week: Campaign rolled out on highways

IGP Dan Munyuza speaking to passengers on their responsibility to prevent road accidents.

The road safety campaign was on Monday rolled across all major highways in the country as Rwanda National Police (RNP) leadership, Provincial Governors, district mayors and other partners educated various groups of road users on safe usage of road.

The all-out campaign targeted mainly pedestrians, passengers, taxi-moto operators and cyclists. The four groups of road users account for the majority victims of road carnage.

Motorcyclists account for 56 percent, pedestrians 50 percent and bicycle taxis account for 36 percent, according to statistics on road security status registered between January and September.

At least 437 fatalities and 662 injuries were recorded in the same period.

While addressing passengers at Giti k’inyoni along the main highway that connects Kigali to the Southern and Northern regions, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dan Munyuza, who was flanked by the Mayor of City of Kigali, Marie-Chantal Rwakazina urged them to “consider safety first.”

“You have the primary responsibility to ensure drivers abide by traffic rules. Don't let them put your life at risk. You have the right to stop the driver and get out when you feel his behavior like over speeding, using the phone or when drunk is putting your life on the edge. It should be your life first,” IGP Munyuza told passengers.

He also urged them to always call the Police whenever a driver or motorcyclist is using the road in a “deadly manner,” adding that it will help to respond before such “irresponsible behaviours lead to injuries and loss of lives.”

The campaign was also characterized with putting stickers on vehicles and motorcycles as well as giving flyers to passengers with road safety rules and contacts to call to report any reckless use of road or accident.

Mayor of the City of Kigali putting a sticker on a motorcycle during the campaign.

City Mayor Rwakazina said that they continue to work with RNP and other agencies like Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) to “increase visibility of traffics signs on roads to guide all groups of road users on safe way.”

Pedestrians were also urged to use pedestrian pathways and zebra crossing, and to be very sure when crossing the road is areas where there are no crossing lines.

The Governor of the Eastern Province Fred Mufurukye and DIGP-Operations Felix Namuhoranye putting stickers on motorcycles.

In the Eastern Province, Governor Fred Mufuruke accompanied by the Deputy IGP in charge of Operations, Felix Namuhoranye engaged pedestrians and motorcyclists in Kayonza to abide by all traffic rules to prevent road accidents.

In the Southern Province, Governor CGP Emmanuel K. Gasana, while addressing road users in Muhanga District, said: “When you report risky behaviours of drivers, you are saving lives, protecting property, and protecting the environment.”

CGP Emmanuel K. Gasana putting a sticker on a motorcycle during the campaign in Muhanga.

CGP Gasana also hinted on drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists who abuse drugs, which “put users, passengers and other road users at increased risk of danger.”

Equally in the Northern Province, Governor Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi, who led the road safety campaign in the region, reminded motorists and passengers to ensure behaviour change and proper road usage.

The Governor of the Northern Province Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi speaking to passengers in Musanze.

In the Western Province, the Regional Police Commander (RPC) CP Rogers Rutikanga and CP Robert Niyonshuti where joined in Rubavu by Mayor Girbert Habyarimana and partners from other security institutions to educate pedestrians, passengers and motorcyclists on traffic rules.

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