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Tuesday, 12 March, 2019

Burera: Residents urged on anti-crime initiatives

Police in Burera District have urged residents of Bungwe Sector to remain vigilant in order to keep community security intact.

Police also asked residents to actively participate in community policing initiatives aimed at fighting crimes in their communities.

The call was made, recently, by Chief Inspector of Police Alexis Rugigana, the Northern region Police spokesperson while meeting residents of the sector during a community outreach activity.

He thanked them for driving the community policing ideology in their communities, but added that the existing loopholes continue to be utilized by wrongdoers like drug dealers, thieves and smugglers.

CIP Rugigana urged them to exercise vigilance on such criminal elements in the community as well as continue working with security organs through community policing in order to detect and arrest such obstacles to security and the well-being of the people.

“We ask you to actively work with Police and other security agencies, by providing relevant and timely information in case you suspect any activity or individual that might be a criminal,” said CIP Rugigana.

He singled out abusing psychotropic substances like cannabis, banned illicit gin and other locally made illicit brew as some of the pressing issues that should be given priority by the residents.

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