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Wednesday, 10 July, 2019

Gishari: Police Officers, Security personnel acquire fire safety skills

This Wednesday, Rwanda National Police (RNP) through the Fire and Rescue Brigade started a two-month training on fire safety at the IPRC-Gishari.

57 participants including Police Officers, Rwanda Correction Service (RCS) officers and security personnel from private security companies are undertaking the fire safety training.

While opening the two-month training, the Principal for IPRC-Gishari, SSP David Kabuye urged the trainees to give the course due importance, put to use the acquired skills and extend the skills to others.

During this training, you will not only be trained to respond but most importantly, to prevent fire out breaks.

Having such skills is significant as a preventive measure. We would like you as security officers to  know exactly what to do using the available means to prevent the fire out breaks, the principal said.

The purpose of this fire fighting  training is to give participants skills, knowledge and expertise that will enable them to identify the conditions capable of causing fire, know how to use a fire extinguisher, respond appropriately to fire emergencies and follow the fire evacuation plan, adequately implement fire emergency procedures, said SSP Kabuye.

This training comes comes inline with Rwanda National Police's   efforts to equip various segments of the public with basic fire safety skills. 

The business community, local leaders and security in most of the country have also benefited from such trainings on fire prevention and fire safety.

According to fire experts, most of the domestic fire accidents can be avoided by acquiring basic skills in fire prevention and fire safety.

Rwanda National Police urges the public to always contact the Fire and Rescue Brigade on their toll free line 111 or call 0788311120 whenever there is any outbreak for advanced response.

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