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Saturday, 10 August, 2019

Police Month: Cyclists told to respect traffic rules

The week-long road safety campaign continued Friday across the country with focus on cyclists, who were warned against reckless road usage resulting into fatal accidents.

The road safety week, which is part of the Police Month also falls within the 52 weeks of Gerayo Amahoro (arrive safely) campaign that strives to educate all categories of road users on traffic rules and regulations to influence behavioural change on safe road usage.

While speaking to cyclists in Nyarugenge District, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Teddy Ruyenzi, the Deputy Commissioner for Traffic and Road Safety department in charge of Administration, reminded them that traffic rules and regulations are meant to guide and save lives of all road users, and must be respected.

"Road traffic rules and regulations concerns every road user. Stop where and when you are required to stop and make appropriate decisions that guarantee your safety... don't put your lives in danger of accidents," ACP Ruyenzi told the cyclists.

Cyclists are fond of bad maneuvers, parking in dangerous spots, violating pedestrian rights like crosswalks and pathways. These behaviours at times cause traffic jam especially in some parts of Kigali, and some cyclists hit pedestrians or are hit by vehicles in the process.

"You wake up safe in the morning to go to work, and you should go back home safe."

Chief Supt. Gerard Mpayimana, the deputy commissioner for Traffic and Road Safety department in charge of Operations, while addressing cyclists in Kicukiro District, also warned them against drunkenness and abusing drugs, which impairs their ability to ride safely.

Related messages were also delivered to cyclists across the country where they were also warned against climbing or holding onto the back of moving vehicles, using a phone when riding, as well as speeding on descending steep-slopes. Cyclists were also urged to ensure body hygiene.

They were also reminded of their community policing duty to report wrongdoers like drug dealers and thieves.

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