Rwanda National Police Service Charter


The purpose of this Customer Service Charter is to inform the customers, stake holders and the public in general about the types of services Rwanda National Police (RNP) provides as well as the approach used in the provision of those services. The charter also explains the avenues of communication, the customers’ rights and obligations, and mechanisms for providing RNP with feedback about the quality of services. 

RNP is therefore committed to providing the community with responsive and meaningful customer service. Ensuring that RNP maintains high quality customer service is one of the highest priorities of every officer. It is what the community demands, deserves and expects. 


People in Rwanda are safe, involved and reassured.


Rwanda National Police is dedicated to deliver high quality service, accountability and transparency, safeguard the rule of law and provide safe and crime free environment for all.


  • Justice and respect for human rights
  • Integrity
  • Stability and social order
  • Team work and partnership
  • Openness
  • Accountability
  • Community relation focus
  • Professional conduct, efficiency and effectiveness
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The Service Delivery Principles provide a framework of principles that all RNP personnel members can aspire to when providing policing services, irrespective of where they work in the RNP or what they do.