Man arrested for attempting to cheat vehicle inspection test

Police at Kigali Automobile Inspection Centre (AIC) have arrested a man for allegedly violating motor vehicle inspection regulations.

Aime Thierry Nteziryayo was detained on Saturday, January 21, after he tampered with his car air filters so as to pass the gas emission test.

The Rwanda National Police (RNP) spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera, said that Nteziryayo's vehicle had failed the fuel emission test, when he tried cheat the test on his second return.

"On January 19, Nteziryayo's vehicle registration number RAB 466D, failed the fuel emission test and was required to fix it and bring it back for the second inspection and possibly acquire a roadworthy certificate," CP Kabera said.

"On January 21, he brought the vehicle back for the second inspection but Police officers, through credible information, realized that he had tampered with the air filters in order to beat the inspection.

He removed the air filters and drained the air filter container but inspection technicians detected this, leading to his arrest," he added.

There are other people involved in this fraudulent practice, the spokesperson said.

"Investigations have unearthed other people, who were in communication with Nteziryayo advising him what to tell Police officers, when asked.

One of them advised him to deceive automobile inspection technicians that he did the engine overhaul to reduce gas emissions," CP Kabera said.

The vehicle, he said, has also been impounded and Nteziryayo handed over to RIB for further investigations."

This, he reiterated, should be a warning to anyone with intention to cheat the automobile inspection test.

"The inspection is meant to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy to prevent accidents caused by mechanical failure, and loss of lives. Anyone, who attempts such fraudulent and dangerous acts, will be arrested to face the law," CP Kabera warned.

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